1. Despite over 8 weeks of construction delays and ongoing equipment delivery delays; we have opened the new space.
  2. Thanks goes to our friends, team kids, booster club parents, and our staff for amazing help and efforts!
  3. Although our new space is open, it is far from complete. Renovations will continue.
  4. We have added 55 new parking spaces on the west side (backside) of the building. Please Check out and start using the new west entrance.
  5. Recreation students will now enter the gym floor from the new space viewing area (middle section of the building). Only preschool students will use the former gym floor entrance.
  6. Security cameras are now in place both inside and outside of the building.
  7. Wi-Fi capacity and speed has been greatly expanded.
  8. Two interior access doors to the North Gym are now open for use.
  9. The layout of the North Gym has been reconfigured.
  10. The great teaching of the students and excellent customer care by our outstanding coaches and office staffs will continue.


       1 & 2. Two newly remodeled rest rooms: one family, the other a Women’s with private nursing area.

  1. New party rooms on the gym floor level with direct access to the gym.
  2. More viewing, seating, and cubbies.
  3. Deliveries of more flooring, matting, and equipment.

We hope you find these changes exciting and more convenient.  Thank you for your continued patience with this ongoing project.

Brenda and Lanny Mills

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