Our Mission

The Mills Gymnastics USA mission is to develop healthy, happy, confident, and responsible children.

We believe that every child must be

  • Kept safe from harm
  • Valued as an individual
  • Must be happy to be truly healthy
  • Inspired to become a responsible leader
  • Encouraged to care about and help others
  • Taught the value of knowledge, challenge, hard work and determination

We accomplish this through gymnastics, tumbling and trampoline instruction by well trained, enthusiastic coaches. We believe that this requires a safe, clean and fun facility that the whole family can enjoy. Our programs are designed specifically to be age and skill appropriate.

Although we are very good at teaching skills, that is secondary to the development of each child in our charge. Our goal is to help each child become healthier and more successful. Responsibility, tenacity, passion, focus and attention to detail are what we really teach the children entrusted to us each day. These are the ‘skills’ that last a lifetime.

We are humbled and we thank you for the trust you exhibit by placing your child with us. Everyday we look for more and better ways to give you and your child the greatest experience possible at Mills Gymnastics USA. Building happy confident kids is not just a clever tag line to us; it is what we live for.