Celebrating our 25th Anniversary!!

This fall, Mills Gymnastics will be celebrating its 25th year in business. Over the last 25 years, owners Lanny and Brenda Mills have provided local families with a top-notch facility, curriculum, and staff.

Since opening in August 1994, Mills Gymnastics has had over 20, 000 students pass through its doors. We have had many proud moments over the years. From watching a little one finally achieve her back walk-over after weeks of trying to having a team gymnast get a full ride to college on a gymnastics scholarship. All of these moments both big and small have made the last 25 years amazing!

What once was a small operation has grown into a booming business with over 55 staff members. Lanny attributes the success to the gym’s hard-working group of coaches and office staff as well as the company’s dedication to providing the best customer service possible. Our customers are extremely wonderful people and deserve the best we can offer.

As a celebration for the gym’s 25th year in business, Mills Gymnastics has tons of fun planned. Monthly celebratory discounts and prizes will be posted on our Facebook page and this fall, Mills Gymnastics plans to host an Open House/Anniversary Party to celebrate its 25 years in business.  Stay tuned for more details!