ReOpening Policy during Covid-19

MILLS GYMNASTICS USA   Preparations and Precautions for reopening under the Covid-19 epidemic.

  • Masks are required by every person entering the building; staff, students, parents, everyone!
  • Staff will continually wear their mask.
  • Students will wear their mask most of the time unless on the equipment or doing a cardio activity.
  • The entire building is disinfected by Environ Master.  Their product has a residual killing effect that lasts 7-9 days.
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the facility.
  • Upon entering staff have their temperature taken, answer health questions and log their answers every time they enter the building.
  • No street shoes allowed on the gym floors.
  • We request parents not to stay and view.
  • If any adult wishes to enter past the front desk to the viewing area they must complete the same procedure as a staff member.
  • A complete building air exchange is done at the end of each day, weather permitting.
  • Incidences that create close grouping have been eliminated or mitigated.
  • Only one person in a restroom at a time except for family member in the family restroom.
  • Proper handwashing signs are posted in all restrooms.
  • Please keep your child home if they are ill!
  • Dedicated Covid Administrative team to ensure we are going above and beyond CDC guidelines
  • Detailed procedures in place for suspected, confirmed, or possible exposure for staff, students, and spectators.