New & Updated Curriculum

Dear Parents & Students,

You may have noticed that we have been doing extensive evaluations on all students currently enrolled in
Girls Recreational & Co-Ed Tumbling classes. It is always our goal to exceed your expectations and
make gymnastics and tumbling an exciting part of your week.

Over the course of the last year the entire coaching staff have been planning and revamping our programs
to improve the quality of service you are provided. The instructors have decided that to improve quality
and allow students to feel success on each event weekly; it is necessary to add another level.

Beginning September 2018 the levels will be:
Bronze I & II – Entry Level Gymnastics & Tumbling with Basic Fundamental Skill Instruction
Silver – Beginner Gymnastics & Tumbling
Gold – Intermediate Gymnastics & Tumbling
Platinum – Advanced Intermediate Gymnastics & Tumbling
Diamond – Advanced Gymnastics & Tumbling

Progressions and skill designations have been adjusted to be more achievable for each level. For fall your
child will either stay in their current level or move up into the next level. Because of this change, we ask
that everyone double checks with the front office to confirm their athletes class/level to be sure you know
who your new instructor will be for September 2018, as staff schedules have been changed. Overall, the
staff feel this change will foster more individual growth from every athlete enrolled in our program(s).

Teaching with more appropriate progressions and grouping students more closely in skill level, the
quality of instruction will improve & learning targets will be more focused. In the end it is with great
expectation that these changes will speed up skill acquisition while always being safety conscious without
sacrificing expectations and technique.

With big changes there will always be adjustments that we will have to make. At this time, we are
diligently working to prepare and get in front of circumstances that we think might occur. If you have any
questions, concerns or would like more information about the changes being made to classes please see
your athlete’s instructor or contact the program director.

Thank You,

Rebekah Galea
Preschool & Recreational Programs Director

James Gardner
Assistant Recreational Programs Director

Jamie Hackett
Move Up Coordinator