Welcome Back Fall 2018

Welcome Back!

Dear Mills Gymnastics USA Parents and Athletes,

The Mills Gymnastics USA staff would like to welcome athletes and their parents to our gym and into our classes.

Gymnastics is a wonderful sport, and can help kids persevere and learn that hard work is rewarded. At Mills Gymnastics USA, it is our mission to build happy, healthy, confident and responsible children! Gymnastics helps develop self-confidence, courage, strength, flexibility, and present them with many opportunities to feel successful! We all need success in life and this sport, although very challenging, provides children with many different aspects of learning to be successful!

Preschool, Recreational, Tumbling, Trampoline & Ninja Zone staff have been working to expand their knowledge in Child Development relating to how it connects to childhood milestones and milestones in gymnastics skill development. Recently, any staff that coaches athletes 5 years of age and under were assigned to take the Happy Gymnastics Child Development Course. Positive feedback was received from every instructor about the course and everyone will be reviewing the course very soon to refresh.

Preschool is divided into a parent participation set up and a set up for athletes that are 3 & 4 years old. This allows for a safer environment for our staff, all of our athletes and for parents required to participate with their children. Our current floor design allows our youngest students to rotate to more events more quickly, while allowing our older preschool aged students more time to concentrate on the fun and learning in each lesson plan. You will notice our lesson plan changes every 2 weeks along with how the equipment is set up, providing 2 lessons per month.

Girls Recreation and Tumbling have spent the last year re-designing the structure and integrity of our curriculum. Together the staff have designed a system that allows students to feel more success by learning skills in simpler progressions and allowing them to move up more quickly. The design of the program added an entire level to the top of the Program. Our Program now includes Diamond Gymnastics & Diamond Tumbling; our most elite level in the recreational/tumble program.

Ninja Zone is our newest program; added late in 2017 when Mills Gymnastics USA bought into the Ninja Zone Franchise. This program is unique in that NinjaZone supplies us with curriculum they have designed along with the Ninja Creed and Missions. Staff have been working hard to add some exciting equipment additions to the program. This year we added a Warped Wall that has a Rock Wall to practice climbing and a Fire Pole Escape; planning is underway for the next piece of equipment.

The goal of our programs is to exceed your expectations and make gymnastics an exciting part of your week. Again, we welcome you and are so grateful for this opportunity. If at any time you feel you are receiving less than superior coaching, or you have information you think would help to improve what we do, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention. We encourage all feedback, positive or negative.

With Sincere Appreciation and Thanks,


Rebekah Galea James Gardner
Preschool &Recreational Programs Director Assistant Recreational Program Director
rebekahg@millsgymnastics.com jamesg@millsgymnastics.com
(734) 283-6550 (Ask for Rebekah.) (734) 283-6550 (Ask for James.)