Our History

On August 29, 1994, Mills Gymnastics USA opened for its first day of classes with 224 students and six instructors, including Pete and Lanny. As the old cliché goes, the rest is history. The gym grew so fast Lanny was forced to retire from teaching two years earlier than planned because his “hobby” had grown so large! After seven years, the original 9600 square foot building in Brownstown was busting at the seams with 796 kids per week performing gymnastics, and a new, larger location in Southgate opened.

Now, after 20 years in business, thousands of Downriver community children have experienced the joy and challenge of gymnastics and related activity, improving their physical and mental well-being because of the dreams, dedication, love and hard work of so many associated with this company. All of you who have been with us for any part of this journey, whether still with us or are now elsewhere should be very proud of what you have helped build.